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Who We Are

Conviva Care Solutions is a management services organization representing nearly 300 physician practices, 800 clinicians, and 300,000 patients across the states of Texas and Florida. We help physicians and care teams, provider groups and integrated delivery systems shift from a health care system built on treatment transactions to a value-based model built on better outcomes for patients who are more engaged in their own care.

We Are:

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A Resource

For patients and physicians. Our model is built to manage the full continuum of care, in every aspect of the patients care.

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Physicians and care providers are the core of our patient experience. Our structure promotes autonomy and independence in how our affiliated providers practice medicine.

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We have been on the forefront of value-based care, and are prepared to maximize its utilization in the future of healthcare.

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Prevention Focused

Our model supports a focus on preventive care and early identification of risk factors enables patients to live their lives fully.

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Backed by Data

Our evidence based practices are backed by data. In everything we do, data is used to validate and replicate key learnings to inform best practices that lead to better clinical outcomes.

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Here to Serve

We know why we are here. We focus on removing the space between the physician and patient so that there is an intense focus on improving health so that that leads to a creating a positive impact in the communities we serve.

What's in the Name, "Conviva"?

Conviva is about togetherness and the commitment we have to one another as we strive towards optimal health. Our approach to care fosters a partnership between patient and physician.

Patient Centric, Physician Led

Conviva Physician Group and Conviva Care Solutions are two independent entities united under a strong culture deeply committed to a high quality patient experience focused on health outcomes. The combination of these two partnering entities provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet the growing market demands and serve the clinical needs of our patients. The close working relationship between Conviva Care Solutions and Conviva Physician Group will make it easier for patients to engage in their health and positions the organization to create a new healthcare model.

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Locations where we currently are:

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