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Innovating the Practice of Medicine

Conviva Care Solutions equips physicians with optimized processes, people and technology that maximize patient outcomes and lower costs.

We provide support for physicians in:

Conviva Physician Group Independant Physician Associations (IPA)

In some cases, medical practices have a need for contracted clinical coverage. Conviva Physician Group serves as Conviva Care Solutions’ physician group that staffs clinical roles in more than 100+ locations. Conviva Care Solutions focuses on operational efficiency and support, while Conviva Physician Group focuses on clinical quality and consistency.

Maintaining and growing a successful medical practice is challenging, especially during these times of change. We offer you the opportunity to move toward a value-based practice while maintaining your independence. This includes operating within your existing work flows, and utilizing our services in the way that best complements your practice. Our expertise, leveraged resources and data are made available to you, providing a distinct advantage.

Independant Physician Associations (IPA)

Physician Engagement

Maintaining and growing a successful medical practice isn’t easy. Conviva Care Solutions can help you move toward a value-based practice while maintaining your independence. To be successful in this transition we know that often time a support structure is needed and added resources in financial risk management, data & analytics, clinical integration and care coordination are essential to align business and clinical models.

Financial Risk Management Data & Analytics Clinical Integration Care Coordination
Diagram with the steps of care delivery (Clinical Integration, Care Coordination, Data & Analytics , Financial Risk Management)

Financial Risk Management

We provide our physicians with integrated clinical and financial data to support decisions on best practices.

  • Quality and cost management
  • Identify and review utilization trends
  • Analyze revenue and claims, including medical-expense ratio, root cause analysis, and disease burden adjusted cost
  • Integrate and maintain preferred networks optimizing quality and costs
  • Forecast future care costs
  • Align incentives to improve outcomes and control costs
  • Compliance oversight

Data & Analytics

We offer reporting with actionable data for you to practice the best medicine as you see fit.

  • Global quality metrics (such as HEDIS and STARS)
  • Leveraged data from our patient population
  • Disease registries and identified trends in patient populations
  • Disease burden stratification
  • Development of new technologies

Clinical Integration

Infrastructure and expert staff equipped with tools to make sure you succeed.

  • Certified coders and nurse clinicians assess your practice records to support complete, accurate, and compliant clinical documentation
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Information Technology
  • Support Staff
  • Patient Services (such as transportation, diagnostic tests & labs)
  • In-practice integrated reporting and data tools

Care Coordination

Ensures your patients are supported in every step through the continuum of care.

  • Clear transmittal of patient information between levels of care
  • Patient outreach that identifies patients in most need of care at the right time
  • Specialists
  • Support in acute/post-acute facilities
  • Access to post-discharge documentation
  • After hours support
  • PTO support
  • Priority care and walk-ins
  • Home medical visits