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Physicians at a desk

An Evolution in Patient Care

Patient outcomes led by compassion and innovation.


Physicians at a desk

Everything we do is geared towards eliminating space between Physicians and their Patients

Conviva Care Solutions offers robust services and resources for our patients, and for our physicians. We work hard to provide an environment that surrounds itself around the patient-physician relationship. Having tools and support readily available ensure physicians have what they need to deliver care, and patients have every part of their care conveniently available. This closes gaps in the care process to maximize clinical outcomes.

A Sustainable Model

With the escalating complexity and costs of medicine, it is more important than ever to be systematically prepared to navigate our patients through their healthcare. A patient's long-term health is our key focus, and the availability of our tools and data allows us to optimize their experience. Our affiliated providers have the know-how to put these components into action, and our close relationship with Conviva Physician Group creates a necessary balance between the practice and business of patient care.

Looking to the Future

The future of healthcare is going to pose many challenges as well as opportunities. Value-Based care is continuously growing, and Conviva Physician group’s team has amongst the most extensive experience in the market, putting us in a position of significant advantage. We are also investing in technologies that enrich each patient interaction, and make care more convenient and accessible. Objectivity of data and analytics combined with practical medical experience create the framework for a future full of growth.